Jan 282013

While many of us have been walking with our Chicago SociaBulls group for awhile, the beginning can still be hard for everyone.
During the walk the pooches fall into a rhythm where they are just all comfortable walking as a pack, though waiting for the walk to start can be very exciting for even the most frequent pup.

I heard one of our seasoned walkers explaining to a new member how you need to time your arrival just right.
If you get there too early, your pup might get anxious waiting for the walk to start and seeing all of the other pups arriving.

 But if you get there too late, the pups won’t have time to acclimate to the surroundings or the group, and they could feel too rushed to go straight from the car to walking and finding their spot in the pack.
We have also realized how disruptive it is for dogs to try to join the group after the walk has started walking.

So it has become a delicate balance of considering the location, potentially factoring in time for pay-for-parking meters, and how long you can entertain your pup with tricks and high-interest treats to avoid getting anxious and potentially hard-staring the other pups.

And we’re always working on getting it Just Right.

PS. Don’t the pups look warm in these photos? It’s actually much colder in Chicago right now…these posts are from the prior weeks’ walks.

City Walking Locations
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