Jan 302013

It was just this past weekend that it snowed in Chicago for the first time all winter!
Since we live in a 2-bedroom, without a backyard, we don’t have a choice and just like the postman we need to walk in rain and wind and snow.
Realizing there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes, we have realized how to prepare for the inclement weather.
We use flip-top gloves to open poo bags and crampons so we don’t slide on the ice. We wrote more about it, here. 

 And the pooches brought out their elf shoes!
We have realized it’s not the cold that bothers their feet, but it’s walking on salt and ice. After trying a couple of different shoes we’ve found the PAWs disposable boots work best for our pups. Mr. B wears size purple, while Miss M has long toes and talons and she needs to wear the huge green size. Which someone pointed out look like elf shoes. We wrote more about their boots, here.

What are some extra things you do for yourself and your pups in inclement weather?

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