Feb 012013

If you have been following our blog for a bit, you may remember a very special foster dog, Bella, who came to us under extraordinary circumstance.
It all began with a sweet, courageous pup named Shy. 
Everyone was so taken with Shy’s sad story, the community rallied together to raise funds to save her eyesight and help her find her forever home. In a strange twist of events, Shy unexpectedly passed away just as we had raised enough money to fund her surgery. 
This amount helped us rescue 2 broken and overlooked pups in honor of Shy. You can catch up on the story with this post.

Bella was just a little puppy with a broken leg and a huge chemical burn and little chance of making it out.
Here is an update about the great life she is now living with her Dad and is named June:

June has been good. She’s about 65lbs now. She recently took a week long vacation by my parents because my twin brother Vince and I had to drive the band’s equipment out to California and our older brother came with as well. 
She’s learned some new tricks too. She knows “side” where she’ll lay down and turn on her side. That was the gateway trick to get her to learn “back paw.” Once she is on her side, we say “back paw” and she’ll give us her back paw. She is starting to learn “back paw” when she’s standing up as well. 

She’s also getting stubborn with the colder weather. On some walks, she’ll stop dead and and pull the opposite direction to go home. We need to work on that because she still needs longer walks in the winter. We ended up getting her a new hoodie.

It has been so great seeing this overlooked pup, with a broken leg and huge chemical burn, living such a great life with her family.
Again, thanks so much to all of you who made this possible.


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